Labels on a roll

Labels on a roll

Ex-Press Printing House offers printing of a full range of labels with up to six or seven colours, depending on the technologies used, such as offset, letterpress or digital printing. Labels are rolls for machine or manual gluing. Standard spool sizes of 25, 40 or 76mm and roll diameter of up to 300mm.

The materials we use are:
- Self-adhesive paper;
- Polypropylene PP - suitable for requirements for moisture resistance and external weather conditions;
- Metallized paper;
- Aluminium foil;
- Extruded paper;

Labels can be metallized, transparent, and tailored to specific conditions for use and functionality, such as:
- Direct contact with food products;
- Adhesion and storage at low temperatures;
- Labels with increased, reduced or partial adhesiveness achieved by letterpress technology;
- Labels for application to different materials - metal, glass, plastic, wood, textiles, etc.;
- Labels with increased resistance to external factors and aggressive media;
- Production of labels suitable for additional printing.

EX-PRESS Ltd. offers design, precision prepress, offset or digital printing and excellent quality finishing operations.
The company has the equipment and capabilities for both large and small print runs, including printing of single units.

EX-PRESS offers you professional design and prepress. The team of designers will offer you an original vision for your materials. Innovation and style combined with professional competence and attention to detail.

Corporate Identity Corporate IdentityPRINTED PUBLICATIONS
- catalogues;
- posters;
- leaflets;
- calendars;
- and other.

Corporate Identity:
- folders;
- forms;
- notebooks;
- and other.

Materials used: triplex and vellum.
The advantages are:
- Use in the food industry;
- Printing of 1 to 6 colours plus varnishing;
- Excellent barrier against light, vapor, oxygen and fats;
- Provides a longer shelf life.

Tube laminate printing

The EX-PRESS Printing House has the ability to print on tubular laminate, a multilayer structure based on polyethylene and aluminium (ABL and PBL structures). Used LETTERPRESS technology, or letterpress printing, allows printing on the tubе laminate with UV inks and UV varnishing.

We offer various printing

And if it is true that people judge a book by its cover, then the labels are your first chance to keep the buyer's eyes.